Bulking of unprocessed or processed seed stocks to obtain larger seed stocks during initial certification or re-validation may be permitted by the Agency under following conditions: -

i.       Quantity belongs to the same individual.

ii.      Are from approved units of inspection.

iii.    Belongs to the same crop, variety, class or seed and stage in the generation class.

iv.    Were produced under similar agroclimatic conditions and were harvested within about a thirty-day period.

v.      Were subjected to certification by the same Agency.

vi.    Have more or less similar physical appearance and levels of moisture.

vii.  Are individually sampled, analyzed and are found to conform to the permitted seed standards before bulking with reasonable seed quality levels.

viii.  Are adequately homogeneous in composition.


Though for convenience in handling seed stock may be bulked, for final certification. The bulk shall be considered to comprise of lots each of which does not exceed the prescribed limit of con­cerned crop as per IMSCS.



It is done in case of two or more seed lots from approved field units of inspection, but not conforming to the certification standards for germination, with one or more seed lots conforming to the seed standards so as to salvage the former, may be permit­ted by the Agency provided: -

i.        The holder of the lot(s) request for the same.

ii.      All the lots to be blended belong to the same crop and variety and as far as possible to the same class of seed and stage in generation class.

iii.    All the lots to be blended were produced under similar agro climatic conditions and were subject to certification by the same Agency.

iv.    The lots to be salvaged are not lower in germination by more than 20% from the standard prescribed.

v.      The lots have more or less similar physical appearance and seed moisture levels.

vi.    The Agency is satisfied that the facilities and methods proposed to be employed for blending are adequate for the pur­pose.

vii.  The entire operation is performed under direct supervision of the Agency staff.

viii. When blending is permitted the Agency shall undertake sam­pling and analysis of the original and resultant lots.

ix.    If lots belonging to different classes or stages in the generation chain are blended, the lowest class on the farthest stage, as the case may be, shall be applied to the resultant blend.

x.      To be eligible for certification the resultant lot should be perfectly homogeneous and should conform to the standards pre­scribed under IMSCS.