Revocation of Certificate

Revocation of Certificate

As per the provisions under section 10 of the Seeds Act, 1966, the certificate issued by the Agency shall be revoked on following grounds:

·         The certificate granted under section 9(3) of the Act has been obtained by the misrepresentation as to an essential fact or

·         The holder of the certificate has, without reasonable cause, failed to comply with the conditions subject to which the certificate has been granted or has contravened any of the provisions of the Act or the rules may there under, then, without prejudice to any other penalty to which the holder of the certificate may be liable under the Act after giving an opportunity to the holder of the certificate to show cause, the certificate could be revoked.


Refusal for Certification

The Certification Agency shall have the authority to refuse certification of any seed production field or any lot that does not conform to the minimum standards prescribed for that particular crop either for field or for seed or for both. Such refusal will be subject to any application made to the Appellate Authority constituted under Section 11(1) of the Seed Act, 1966.


All such appeals be made within 30 days from the date of which the decision of the Agency is communicated along with:

·         A copy of decision of Certification Agency against which appeal has been preferred with the grounds of objection to such decision.

·         A bank draft for Rs.100/- towards the appeal fees.