·         Act as the Seed Certification Agency established under section 8 of the Seeds Act 1966;

·         Discharge the functions entrusted to the Seed Certification Agency under sections 9 & 10 of the Seeds Act 1966; (Grant or Revocation of Certificate);

·         Recognize varieties eligible for Seed Certification and annually publish lists indicating the names of such varieties;

·         Maintain a list of sources of Breeder & Foundation seeds approved by the Central Seed Certification Board.

·         Outline the procedure for submission of application for growing, harvesting, processing, labeling and tagging of seeds intended for certification;

·         Verify upon receipt of an application for certification, that the variety is eligible for certification, and the application submitted are in accordance with the procedure prescribed for it and the seed used for planting is from the duly approved source;

·         Undertake inspection of seed fields, seed processing plants and lots in accordance with the procedures outlined by the Central Seed Certification Board in accordance with Indian minimum seed certification standard (IMSCS);

·         Regulate the processing of seeds at seed processing units;

·         Arrange for analysis of seed samples drawn from the seed lots produced as per procedure to verify their conformity to the prescribed standards;

·         Ensure that the seeds certified by it conforms to the standards prescribed by the Central Seed Certification Board;

·         Grant certificates, Certification tags, Seals etc. As per the prescribed procedure;

·         Ensure that action at all stages is taken expeditiously;

·         Carryout educational programme to promote the production and use of certified seed.



·         RSSOCA strive to provide quality services for seed certification as per IMSCS and organic certification as per NPOP & NOP (USDA).

·         RSSOCA is committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance as per ISO 9001:2015.

·         RSSOCA is committed to follow the systems and procedures in place to support our aim of providing quality services and continuous improvement.

·         Service feedback

  • Appeal and complaints procedure
  • Monitoring and quality control inspections
  • Regular trainings and orientation programmes
  • Internal audit for self-assessment

·         Management reviews for ensuring improvement of quality system