Object & Activities

  • To increase the area, production and productivity of fruits, vegetable, spices, Medicinal and floriculture crops.
  • Introduction of high yielding, disease free and true to type varieties of fruits, vegetable and spices crops through layout of demonstration and minikits in the selected areas.
  • Increasing the production of high quality grafted plants of Mango, Guava, Aonla, Ber etc. in nurseries and supply to the farmers.
  • Training of farmers and extension workers to recent technology based on reach for the area.
  • To popularize the use of drip system the major water saving device, in the field of horticulture particularly in fruit crops.
  • Introduction of floriculture.
  • Introduction of medicinal and aromatic plants in the suitable pockets.
  • To implement the different programme envisaged under state plan, National Horticulture Mission, National Mission on On Farm Water Management, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, National Bamboo Mission, National Mission for Medicinal Plants .To encourage the more farmers to take up cultivation of fruits, vegetable, spices, and floriculture so that additional income is generated.