The main purpose for the accomplishment of which the Board has been set up are summarised as follows :

1.      Construction of market yards and sub yards for transfer to market committees.

2.      Giving aid to financially weaker market committees in the form of loans and grants.

3.      Undertaking education and publicity in relation to matters of marketing of agricultural produce in the state.

4.      Grading and standardization of agricultural produce.

5.      Training of Officers and staff of market committees and to organize camps, workshop, seminars and conferences.

6.      To provide technical and administrative assistance to market committees; and

7.      To help the farmers in accidental cases.

8.      Any other purpose connected with agricultural marketing with prior approval of the State Govt.

9.      Development of post harvest technology and management activities.

10.  Export promotion of Agro-food commodities from Rajasthan.

11.  Promotion of Agri-food business in the Sate.

12.  Promotion of Value addition activities.

13.  Training programme of development of HRD in marketing sector.

The major part of the activities of the Board is devoted to construction of market yards (including sub-yards). The construction plans/programs and their
execution involve the following:

1.      Approval of site and acquisition of land for development of new market yards.

2.      Preparation and submission of market yard projects to NABARD and other financial institutions for sanction of financial assistance;

3.      Appraisal and sanction of projects by NABARD & other financial institutions;

4.      Sanction of assistance (grant) by Government of India for market yards, rural godowns and rural primary markets;

5.      Development/Construction of market yards. (This includes main market yards, sub-yards, rural primary markets and rural godowns);

6.      Completion of market yards for market committees; and

7.      Repair/ Maintenance of link roads and Mandi Yards.


Thirty, Twenty and Ten- percent contribution from the income of 'Super' class, 'A' class and 'B' class market committees is deposited with Board in the form of Development Fund. The Board has got its own engineering cell to look-after the construction works.

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