Horticulture Subcomponent: Activities and Programmes


The objective of this sub-component is to increase horticulture and water productivity of horticulture crops, improve water use efficiency, promote sift to low water requiring crops and reduce water foot print of agriculture in the project clusters. On-farm Integrated Crop Management (ICM) demonstrations will be the core project intervention under this sub-component, and the main vehicle for the dissemination of improved technologies to the farmers.

1. All the Horticulture related activities are being implemented by the concerned DDH /ADH and DPM in Mokhampura cluster) with a close touch with PIU and PMU as per approved Annual Action Plan (AAP) prepared for the year.

2. The Dy.Director (Horticulture)/Assistant Director (Horticulture) are responsible for procurements and payments as per the approved AAP & procurement plan in 16 RACP clusters whereas for Mokhampura cluster in jaipur, District Project Manager (DPM) is responsible for the above.  He will be the DDO for Horticulture related activities of RACP.

3. The documents along with the application form required to submit by the beneficiary farmer     are: land ownership document, source of irrigation, declaration (willingness for the     given activity, utilization of resources assisted by the project to serve the objective and ready to give farmers share) and Agreement as per applicability.

4. The application mode for the programmes may be opted offline or online as per Operational Guidline(OG). Disposal of eligible application may be done on first come first serve basis. In case of higher number of eligible application than the targets, disposal may be done by lottery system.

5. The payments should be made through online banking/ RTGS to the concerned.


Component 1: Climate Resilient Agriculture

1B  Technology transfer and market led advisory services.

1Ba-1-Assistance on production technology for fruit cultivation

(i)   Wide spacing crops with inter cropping.

      First year Maintenance support.

      Second year Maintenance support.

(ii)  High density plantations.

      First year Maintenance support.

      Second year Maintenance support.              

1Ba-2-Assistance on production technology for vegetables cultivation.

1Ba-3-Assistance on green house.

1Ba-4-Assistance on green house.

1Ba-5-Farmers training, Seminar, Exhibition kisan mela etc.

1Ba-6-Solar pump.

1Ba-7-Post Harvest Management.

1Ba-8-Horticulture Mechanisation


For Detailed Information : Operational Guideline Horticulture