Ground Water Sub Component

The Objective of Ground Water Cluster is to achieve sustainability of groundwater sources (i.e. aquifers). Achieving sustainability of groundwater sources is envisaged to take place through community-based approaches with public support striving to reach a situation over a meaningful period of time in which the annual water extraction from this aquifer is limited to the annual ground water recharge. With this objective, undertake runoff surplus estimation and ground water resource estimation to understand the extent of available water resources in the given cluster (hydrological status and condition of the cluster) and also determine the demand and usage of the water resources for various sectors e.g. agriculture, domestic, cattle and industrial. This estimation should help in identification of opportunities for water savings and increasing water productivity; support the decision process for water allocation; and general water audits etc.

The Ground Water clusters finalized in consultation with Ground Water Department under RACP are as below

a)      Bonli Ground water cluster consist of limestone Aquifer around 31000 ha area in the Agro Ecological Zone (AEZ-IIIB) in part of Bonli, Sawai-Madhopur, Bamanwas and Khandar Block in district Sawai-Madhopur.

b)     Pisangan Ground water cluster consist of Younger alluvium Aquifer around 25000 ha area in the Agro Ecological Zone (AEZ-IIIA) of Block Pisangan in district Ajmer.

c)     Sangod Ground water cluster consist of Shale Aquifer around 16500 ha area in the Agro Ecological Zone (AEZ-V) of part of Sangod Block in district Kota and part of Khanpur Block of district Jhalawar.

All the procurement to implement activities under Ground Water Management Sub Plan will be done by Ground Water Department (GWD) with the support of PMU, RACP as per Procurement Management Manual of RACP & World Bank Procurement Guidelines & Procedures.

Role of the Department

The RACP involves the participation of six line departments which includes Ground Water Department,. A small Project Implementation Unit (PIU) headed by Superintending Hydrogeologist, Jaipur designated as a Nodal Officer of the Department is established. Nodal Officer will coordinate with the Department and RACP-PMU. The respective PIU will function under the overall guidance and control of the Chief Engineer, GWD and coordinate closely with the PMU and oversee field level planning and implementation of Ground water Sub Component activities under RACP.

Nodal Officer of PIU-RACP working in the Department shall be responsible mainly for:

                                   i.      Facilitating & extending technical support/input, apart from providing requisite information for identified clusters time to time as desired by the PMU.

                                ii.      Ensure timely preparation of Sub plans, Annual Action plans, DPRs etc.

                              iii.      Review/monitor the progress of RACP works/activities in the cluster as per project guidelines during his/her field visits. They may take the support of district / Panchayat level officers and suggest any improvement in works/program being implemented under intimation to PMU.

                               iv.      Participation in Quarterly/monthly review meetings at the level of PMU.

                                  v.      Participate in the workshops / exposure visits organized under RACP.

                               vi.      Suggestions and feedback of the project activities to the PMU- RACP.

                             vii.      Help the project in enhancing capacity building on technical aspects.

                             viii.      Find out training & capacity building needs of the departmental Officers

For Detailed Information : Operational Guideline Ground Water