Livestock strengthening and management


The objective of this sub-component is to demonstrate enhancement of livestock particularly goat productivity and significant increase in incomes from goat production by adopting climate smart practices. The focus is on goat production due to two main reasons: first demand for goat meat is increasing (Out of the estimated 40,000 heads of Rajasthan livestock slaughtered daily nearly 60% are goats) and second is, goats are kept by small land holders & tribal and managed by women and thus there is need and opportunity to support livelihood development of the most vulnerable community through RACP.

Livestock component will focus on areas where there is both sizeable population & density of goats.

The project will focus on (a) improving market access and value addition; (b) improving productivity adopting climate smart practices focused on breeding, animal health care, scientific feeding and improved husbandry practices such as stall feeding, better use of crop residues, improving grazing land and silvi-pasture on private and common property; and (c) capacity building support to farmers through training to backstop delivery of improved technical services and farmer advisory. Small local support units may subsequently be built to support farmer training and access to services. Includes the following Activities.


Eligible Investment:

1) Market and value Chain:  Improving market and value addition, the project will support

(a) Formation of farmer producer groups to access diversified markets, better access to inputs and services and access to market information; and

(b) Possibility to strength existing small ruminant markets or establish new markets (in the cluster or nearby) will be explored

2) Climate Resilient Agriculture -

Improving productivity through breeding, feeding and animal health, and establishment of small local support units (called Rural Technology Centres)

3) Capacity Building-

supporting farmer advisory and training of the farmers, training of existing Animal Husbandry Department & NGO staff.

4) Project management & Monitoring 


For Detailed Information : Operational Guideline Animal Husbandry