Federations & CBOs 

            Building CBOs for rational ground water management is the most complex of the institutional structures proposed because while the basic source is fully a public good (the aquifer) all extraction of water is fully privatized (bore wells).  At the village level Producer Groups i.e. Multi Task Groups (MTGs), Gram Panchayat Level Committees (GWMCs) would be formed. The GWMCs would include all farmers using ground water for irrigation, drinking and other purposes and hence will be fairly broad based. The GWMCs will take up issues of groundwater usage and through education and peer pressure move towards regulation of sustainable ground water extraction. This also allows for integration of such a committee into the broader PRI institution of Gram Panchayat. These GWMCs will be federated into a hydro geologically compact area level federation for the entire pilot aquifer area, namely Ground Water Management Association (GWMA).