Roles and responsibilities of Association for Rural Advancement through Voluntary Action & Local Involvement (ARAVALI), Jaipur:

i. ARAVALI is registered as a society under Rajasthan Societies Act, 1958, under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act & under relevant Income Tax Acts, as applicable.

ii. ARAVALI shall act as Partner Agency (PA) to RACPMIS and support the project in execution & implementation of activities & for this ARAVALI will establish an exclusive ARAVALI-RACP-UNIT at its headquarters at Jaipur.

iii. ARAVALI shall conduct various training & capacity building programs based on following four specific domains;

a. RACP Specific Orientation Training Programs

b. Human Behavior Trainings

c. Management Development and Group Dynamics Programs

d. Orientation Programs for NGO& Consultancy Agency

 iv. ARAVALI shall undertake following task responsibilities under RACP;

a. Conducting Orientation of all RACP stakeholders about Project objectives, interventions planned various components of project and other aspects of the RACP. The Orientation program for the RACP stakeholders / Project implementing agencies with focus on:

(i) Objectives of the RACP project

(ii) Institutional arrangements (Implementation guidelines)

(iii) Program implementation structure at various levels (Cluster, District & State) 8

 (iv) Role of implementation agencies for executing RACP project

 b. Conducting Management Development, Group Dynamic program for PMU, DPMU, NGO & Consultancy Agency.

(i) Training programs on human behavior, inter-personal skills, community cooperation and group dynamics and related aspects of the Community and Farmers groups.

c. Backstopping support services for NGO& Consultancy Agency

d. Conducting capacity building & training programs for NGO & Consultancy Agency covering following areas:

 (i) Orientation of NGO & Consultancy Agency about RACP project.

(ii) Capacity building programs for community mobilization processes, methodology & tools.

(iii) Regular training support on village level institutions (Farmers groups, user based groups, water user association etc.)

e. Development of Knowledge Resources, Extension Materials Field& Operational Manuals for training & capacity building programs with respect to specific domains.

f. Conducting Peer Learning exercises (sharing of experience gained during implementation) with RACP stakeholders for the project.

 v. Capacity Need Assessment would be undertaken by the ARAVALI at the cluster level in consultation with PIA/NGO& Consultancy Agency in order to assess the support requirement for capacity building, trainings & skill development. ARAVALI will design customized modules based on need assessment.

vi. ARAVALI will facilitate on-site-cluster-based-trainings (CBTs) through NGO focusing on farmer’s mobilization and other necessary capacities including knowledge, skills and attitude augmenting effective execution of the project.

vii. ARAVALI will conduct extension training programs as per need assessment for strengthening existing extension methodologies in consultation with RACP-PMU. viii. ARAVALI will provide training on Farmer Field Schools (FFS) based on FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) approach for both crops and livestock.