Project Implementation Unit (PIU): (Watershed)-

A Project Implementation Unit (PIU) headed by a Nodal Officer of the Line Department is established in all the line departments and these PIUs will coordinate with the Line Departments and RACP-PMU. The respective PIU will function under the overall guidance and control of the respective head of the department and coordinate closely with the PMU and oversee field level planning and implementation of activities of concerning line department in RACP.

The district level officer of the line department is already one member in the District Level Implementation Committee (DLIC).

Nodal Officers of RACP working in the Line Departments shall be responsible mainly for:

     i.          Facilitating & extending technical support/input, apart from providing requisite information for identified clusters time to time as desired by the PMU.

  ii.          Ensure timely preparation of Sub plans, Annual Action plans, DPRs etc.

iii.          Review/monitor the progress of RACP works/activities in the cluster as per project guidelines during his/her field visits. They may take the support of district / panchayat level officers of concerning line department and suggest any improvement in works/programme being implemented under intimation to PMU.

iv.          Participation in Quarterly/monthly review meetings of Nodal officers at the level of PMU.

  v.          Participate in the workshops / exposure visits organised under RACP.


 Beneficiary Groups, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) & Community Mobilisation : (Watershed)-NGO will

a.mobilize the community through Focus Group Meetings etc. & group them into MTGs for individual land based activities.

b.     mobilize the community in consultation with local PRIs in to Users Groups (UGs), who will work on community/ common / panchayat land based activities.

c. mark the location and area defined by individual MTGs/UGs formed on Khasra map of village and give a name/number to each MTG/UG.

d.     Mobilize & federate MTGs & UGs into MTAs at GP level, which will be a registered body under Society Act.

e. mobilize& federate MTAs/MTGs/IBs at cluster level into CLPO and facilitate project in preparation of bye-laws of MTAs and CLPOs and assist in registration.

f.  provide regular hand holding support to these CBOs.

g.facilitate the MTAs and CLPOs to sign a MoU with the project based on the standard format to be developed by the PMU.

h.     support MTAs &CLPOs to become as economically & institutionally sustainable over the project period.

i.  build up capacities of the community to take over the asset management and maintenance task are to be built up and suitable administrative and financial arrangements for their maintenance and further development are to be made.


Staff & Contact Details of PIU Level:-




Phone No.


    Vijay Choudhary

    Joint Director, WDSC and Nodal Officer, RACP, Watershed, Jaipur.  



    Rajeev kulshreshtha

    Assistant Engineer, RACP-PIU, Jaipur