Under Surface Water Clusters, canal command areas from Irrigation Projects / Gang Canal / IGNP Canal & Chambal Command system are selected as hydrological units. To achieve the objective under Surface Water Clusters the rehabilitation / modernization of canal system including canal structures and construction of needed canal structures would be done. Also installation and modernization of measuring devices would be taken up. The modernization of canal network will reduce the conveyance losses thus water use efficiency of the system would increase. With the increase in water saving crop production as well as other farm activities would possible in cluster. It will also develop and demonstrate the feasibility of water efficient agriculture as well as development of one or more value chain approaches. 


The clusters finalised in consultation with Water Resources Department under RACP are:


1.      Gudha Irrigation Project (CCA-11380 ha) Bundi

2.      Orai & Bassi Irrigation Projects (CCA-12510 ha) Chittorgarh.

3.      Left Main Canal (LMC) of Jakham Irrigation Project (CCA-19529 ha) Dhariyawad, Pratapgarh.

4.      Z- Distributary of Gang Canal System (CCA-12218 Ha.) Sriganganagar.

5.      Phoolasar Distributary of Charanwala Branch (CCA-17970 Ha.) IGNP, Bikaner.

6.      Kheruwala Distributary of Charanwala Branch (CCA-20965 Ha.) IGNP, Jaisalmer.

7.      Palaitha Sub Branch of Chambal Right Main Canal (CCA-8003 Ha.) Anta, Baran.