Market Infrastructure, Market Information and Intelligence Services


There is a need for improvement in agricultural marketing system by adopting systematic approach and latest technology like Information Technology, for collection and dissemination of Market Information and Intelligence. One of the reasons for lack of returns in agriculture is traditional way of marketing through middlemen and absence of awareness about market information and intelligence. The other reasons are unscientific and inadequate crop planning, crop husbandry, post-harvest management and inadequate alternative marketing channels. At present, Department of Marketing is able to disseminate only price information to the farmers related to respective market area only. The scope and coverage of market information dissemination needs to be expanded. Some interventions for the same are proposed under this subcomponent. The main objectives of this subcomponent are as follows:

  • Dissemination of market information without the limit of geographical boundaries. Information from markets in India as well as from International markets will be made available.
  • Apart from price data, information on Weather forecast, Crop advice, Use of fertilizers & pesticides, and Agricultural technology will be made available.
  • The Market Information Services will provide analysis of information and trends in prices, demand on continual basis.