Value Chain Analysis



        A value chain approach in agricultural development helps identify weak points in the chain and actions to add more value. A value chain will focus on the issues regarding depletion of soil fertility (unsustainable farming methods), management of wastewater from starch plants, and the need for better direct links between small farmers and processors.

        Farmers could expand their profits from these multiple potential markets if solutions were found for value chain issues such             as:

1.      Poor quality of seeds and varieties inappropriate for the various uses.

2.      Poor quality of product at harvest, with grains of inconsistent size and coloration.

3.      Inadequate threshing techniques and post-harvest drying and storage, which reduce quantity and market quality.

4.      Inadequate grading.

5.      Insufficient market development and communication with markets regarding varieties and quality of sorghum             desired.

6.      Insufficient training and finance for improved post-harvest management.