Livestock strengthening and management


The focus of this sub-component is on small ruminants because of their potentially significant contribution to income of smallholder farmers operating in difficult climatic conditions. Productivity is low, however, and although goat meat prices have nearly doubled in the last 2 years in the major Indian urban markets, traders are capturing most of the margins as farmers lack information and organization.  The project will support improved productivity and incomes from goat meat production in the clusters by:-

  1.     Formation of Small Ruminants Producers Groups, capacity building and other productivity enhancement interventions focused to these groups, these will include     among others, feeding and nutrition management, breed improvement and health.
  2.     To address the constraint of quality bucks in the State, project will pilot, in select locations, the concept of breeder multiplier herds through progressive goat     breeders.
  3.     To improve the access to the market, project will support the creation of Rural Haats in select locations.
  4.     Work on PPP models with Agri-business companies both for value added goat products.
  5.     Develop Regional Technology Centers (RTCs) for extension and emergency animal health support.


The list of activities pertaining to Livestock Support Services for Small Ruminants (Goats) is given as under:


1. Improving Market Access and Value Addition

•      Formation of Multi Task Groups (MTGs) for Small Ruminants Activities

•      Access to Market Information and Establishment of Small Ruminant Haats (PMU through RSAMB/Any other suitable agency)

2. Productivity Enhancement

•      Breed improvement

•      Improved Bucks distribution to farmers

•      Establishment of Nucleus breeding herds for Sirohi Breed

•      Establishment of the commercial herds of Castrated bucks for meat purpose

•      Improved Pregnant Does distribution to Widows/ Divorcee and/or Handicapped

•      Health and Awareness camps

•      Fodder Development on private lands

•      Establishment of Regional Technology Centers (RTC)

•      Establishment of Fodder Bank