Improving Water Use Efficiency


The State’s water resources are scarce and that the state’s future development and prosperity depends largely on sustainable and efficient allocation and utilization of its scares water resources. To achieve the objectives in the water sector, the Government of Rajasthan (GoR) is implementing a number of initiatives in the water sector under its various programs, including under the on-going Bank financed Rajasthan Water Sector Restructuring Project. These include following:

  • Involvement of legally empowered water users associations in the irrigation system management.
  • Establishment of a new State Water Resources Panning Department for multi-sectoral planning and management of water resources.
  • Adoption of revised state water policy, 2010. In addition to above, GoR, inter-alia, is making substantial provisions on water investments under the Rajasthan Agricultural Competitiveness Project (RACP) for sustainable as well as efficient use of its water resources, to achieve the above mentioned objectives in the water sector.