The development objective of Rajasthan Agriculture Competetiveness Project (RACP) is "is to establish the feasibility of sustainably, increasing agricultural productivity and farmer incomes through a distinct agricultural development approach by integrating agriculture water management and agricultural technology, farmer   organizations and   market innovations in   selected   locations   across the ten agro ecological   zones of   Rajasthan.   The aim is for the   state to help farmers get more   rupees per unit of water in compensation for farmers using fewer units of water".

1. Improved on-farm water use efficiency reduced water-intensive cropping patterns and using the resultant savings for economic purposes outside of agriculture in support the state's water policy of reducing water consumption by the agricultural sector.

2. Increased private sector participation in the development of value chains in process sing and marketing in support of the state's agro processing and agri-business policy.

3. Improved public sector capacity in delivering agriculture support services. 

       The beneficiaries of the project will primarily be small and marginal farmers with actual or potential commercial outlook in the selected agro-climatic zones supported through collective action in achieving economies of scale. RACP will include a wide range of project interventions on water conservation, agricultural productivity, livestock and agriculture value chains etc.which will have important environmental and social dimensions--including benefits, potential adverse impacts and risks. The project will be taken up in 17 selected regional clusters from 10 different agro eco logical zones of Rajasthan.

The Project is being implementing in Following 17 Districts


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