Information Dissemination


Farmers by the agriculture department and the departmental schemes for the promotion of advanced agricultural knowledge, print and electronic media are being used strategically.While agriculture at the state level by the branch-information daily newspapers, agricultural journals are being coordinated by the technological diffusion, on the other self 'Batan Ri farming' Bulletin is a monthly publication. Additionally harvest of major crops Musmwar advanced forms of agriculture, folders on different topics, poster publishing, agricultural guidelines and block level Rabi / Kharif 'Package of Practices' farmer friendly booklets and literature to prepare farmers, and agricultural representatives are being distributed to the relevant institutions.

State television and radio available in the electronic media in the dissemination of agricultural knowledge on the television by using the Department of Agriculture '' farm '' on the program and AIR 'Batan Ri farming' program are being run.


AIR centers in the state daily from 7.45 until 8.15 Kriskopyogi information and every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday calling these programs are being broadcast. The program three times a week by the Agriculture Department Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are being sponsored.


This program, created by the Department of Agriculture, the Central Television, is broadcast every Thursday from 7.30 a.m. to 8.00 pm from Jaipur. The program of regional information schemes / programs being implemented by the Department of Agriculture, discussed with experts, problem-solving, confusion-sulajhana, the work of the IOC, messages, including success stories, innovations, short-film, etc. iklipingsa the program is designed to be simple, interesting and krsakopayogi.


'Farming Batan Ri' monthly newspaper which is published monthly by the Department of Agriculture that the annual fee of Rs 12 is provided to farmers at home by post. Currently, its circulation to 16,000 copies per month. 

Farmer newspaper to subscribe to my charge 12 / - per annum nearest agricultural office cash or Drawing and Disbursing Officer, Agriculture Commissionerate, Room No. 0250, Pant Krishi Bhawan, Jaipur name Money order can be submitted by post at home.


Agriculture and related subjects technical information to farmers by the Government of India in the state 'Kisan Call Centre' has been established to provide via telephone. Farmers on the phone number 0 1800 180 1551/1551 Basic / Mobaril telephone in the morning from 6.00 till 10.00 pm, free calls to any type of information you can get on Kririsi.